What to Expect

Psychotherapy is a journey that is exclusive to each person. You will get out of therapy what you put into it. Unfortunately, I am not able to wave a wand and make your symptoms or feelings suddenly get better. However, if you are looking for ways to grow by improving communication, gaining new skills or to gain insight into your current behaviors you are in the right place.

Therapy begins with an initial diagnostic interview. At this session, I will ask you questions to further understand your current symptoms and issues. We will also touch on some personal historical information. You will get a chance to ask questions about the therapy process, how I work, and to see if we may be a good fit for one another. It is important that you are comfortable with me and think my style works well with yours. If not, I can help guide you to someone that you think may work better with you.

Next, we work together to set goals for your therapy. These goals are typically short term and long term goals and the address the issues of why you are currently seeing me. These goals can change overtime or therapy ends when these goals are completed.

Appointments are scheduled, as we together, determine the frequency. Usually therapy begins weekly for 4-6 weeks so that we get a chance to work together regularly then going to every other week depending on your concerns. Remember, you are in control of this process and how we proceed is up to you.